Black Project Hydro Race 100%

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The lightweight, balanced & responsive SUP paddle for racing, downwind & flat-water enthusiasts

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The HYDRO Race 100% SUP Paddle is for serious racers who want more speed and reduced fatigue. Whether you are cruising your local lake or crossing channels in Hawaii the Hydro SUP race paddle is designed to deliver power while protecting your body. The Hydro paddle combines exceptional power, ultimate stability and dynamic flex to help you paddle faster for longer. Throughout the design process all unnecessary weight was removed making this the lightest SUP race paddle available. This reduced weight translates into an improved paddling experience while being easier on your body. Thanks to the design and construction the Hydro paddle is also one of the strongest SUP paddles you will find and enjoys a near zero failure rate.

The Hydro Race 100% comes with the 100% Carbon Shaft not the Pro Carbon Shaft.

Hydro Race Blade Sizing

LARGE 88 sq in (575 cm²) recommended for paddlers 85 kg and over.

MEDIUM 83 sq in (535 cm²) recommended for paddlers 70 – 90 kg.

SMALL 78 sq in (489 cm²) is recommended for paddlers 55 – 75kg.

X-SMALL 73 sq in (458cm²) recommended for paddlers in the 40 – 65kg range.

Due to the increased power and efficiency of the Hydro athletes are able to use a slightly smaller blade than previously. Paddlers with a higher cadence will benefit from a smaller blade while those with a slower paddle stroke will benefit from increased power and hence a larger blade. For downwind paddling we tend to recommend a smaller blade than for flat water paddling.


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